Video lessons from BRooks' Fingerstyle GUitar instructional courses


Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: Basic Boom-Chick Patterns 

These exercises will challenge the thumb to keep its alternating bass pattern accurate and constant as we add in the index, middle and ring fingers on beats 2 + 4, beats 1 + 3, beats 2 + 3 and finally beats 1 + 4, or any other combination you can come up with. Doing these patterns and exercises will help improve your thumb and finger independence and get you ready for the next stage of patterns. It's all about having control and coordination.


Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: Skipping Patterns

Skipping patterns are very versatile and offer a unique feel that isn’t quite as busy as some of the other syncopated patterns we’ve looked at. The concept is similar to an arpeggio in that often only one note is played at a time in succession with the occasional pinch of two or three notes at once. It works great for accompaniment or to pair with a melody you might play simultaneously with the pattern or a close variation. This skipping type of movement will also help your thumb and finger independence. 


"Into The Trees" Performance

You can also use this performance video as a practice tool to play along with or to hear particular phrasing and nuances throughout the song.



Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: "Into The Trees" Lesson & Breakdown

The main melody of the song uses chord melody type of playing which means nearly every melody note has a different chord accompanying it. This type of style gives the song a lot of movement. Strive for smoothness and cleanliness with transitioning from one chord form to the next. The melody is usually played at the top of the chord, on the higher treble strings. Take the first few chords to start with and slowly try playing them really emphasizing the melody, remembering to include the rhythmic click of the fingernails on beats 2 and 4 when possible.


"The Nieliwocki Stroll" Performance

First watch and listen to the performance video a few times to help become more familiar with the tune, form, phrasing, etc. Try humming the melody without your guitar. There is a lot of syncopation happening and often melody notes will be anticipated before the beat. You'll notice the added wiggle or bend here and there for some added personality. As you watch, focus your attention to what the right hand is doing, then rewind and watch again, this time focusing on what's happening with the left hand. Use this video as a resource to frequently reference and eventually to play along with as well. 


Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: "The Nieliwocki Stroll" Lesson & Breakdown

Let's take a closer look at what's going on within this arrangement. As you learn this tune piece by piece, be sure to check in with yourself, are you keeping your technique nice and solid? Are you getting good tone? How is your sense of rhythm (in other words, how is your time and feel?) Notice the use of the thumb of the left (fretting) hand used over the top of the neck to play a bass note on the low E string during a few of the chords like the F#7 and FMaj7.


Brooks' TrueFire Live Fingerstyle Guitar Workshops


Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: Harp Harmonics

Originally Aired on Friday, September 29th, 2017

Cascading harp harmonics. This technique was pioneered by fingerstlye guitar masters such as Chet Atkins, Lenny Breau, Ted Greene, and Tommy Emmanuel. The technique can be used for a wide range of sounds, beautiful textures, accompaniment or even lead and solo application. What's special about the harp harmonic sound is that it gives you the ability to voice chords in a way that is otherwise impossible on the guitar plus it can give you a beautiful, ethereal, harp-like quality. Although both hands must work in unison to achieve the desired sound, the right hand (picking hand) technique is the most critical and is what you should focus on first. This TrueFire Live Online Teaching session with Brooks Robertson will help you develop the proper technique and tone to get you up and running with your Harp Harmonic Fingerstyle Technique.


Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: Boom-Chick Techniques

Originally Aired on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Brooks will go over the basic concepts and techniques covered in his Essentials: Boom-Chick Fingerstyle course. Topics of discussion include basic right hand picking technique, alternating thumb fundamentals, muffled bass technique, picking patterns, as well as considerations for arranging and composing in the boom-chick style. 



Originally Aired on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Brooks Robertson goes over the concepts and techniques covered in his upcoming course and answers questions live!